A Skeleton in Godís Closet

(Thomas Nelson Publishers, pp x + 374, softcover).  This theological thriller became the #1 national bestseller in religious fiction when first published, and continues in its 30th printing.  "Can't put it down" is the almost universal response from readers of this novel, which turns on the greatest archaeological discovery that could ever be made in terms of its impact on masses of people across the world.  Carefully researched and compellingly written, these pages explore the tension between doubt and faith.  Millions have enjoyed this book! 

"This plot has been crying for publication for the last nineteen centuries ... a colorful thriller novel." - Houston Chronicle

"Paul Maier has created a new genre - the theological thriller.  It reads like Robert Ludlum while expertly exploring the origins of Christianity.  A superb book!" - Paul Erdman, N.Y. Times bestselling author 

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