The Constantine Codex

(Tyndale House, 2011, 394 pp  hard cover or softcover) - Lost scriptures. A discovery more sensational than the Dead Sea Scrolls. An honest debate between Muslims and Christians. Dr. Paul Maier delivers his long-awaited The Constantine Codex. Think The Da Vinci Code  - only a better plot. Fabulous!


Biblical scholars and church historians agree that the ending to Mark’s gospel is rather abrupt. Might there be more? What happened after the women ran from the empty tomb?


Renowned church historian and novelist Dr. Paul Maier revives the beloved character Dr. Jonathan Weber (A Skeleton in God’s Closet, and More Than a Skeleton) to envision the lost ending to Mark…and a Second Acts. His seamless inclusion of canonical history into the suspenseful tale ensures readers come away with a greater understanding of the origins of Scripture and the lengths to which early Christians went to ensure the continuation of the gospel story throughout time.


Aside from fascinating details and engrossing storytelling, The Constantine Codex includes an open, rigorous debate between Dr. Weber and a moderate leader of Islam that should serve as a worthy example for real-world engagements. – Fiction

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