Josephus — The Essential Writings / Josephus—The Essential Works

(Josephus - The Essential Writings (Kregel Publications, 416 pp., illustrated paperback, black & white edition) and Josephus - The Essential Works (Kregel, 416 pp., hardcover, full-color edition) - Gold Medallion award-winning translation and condensation of the first-century Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, who provides more detail related to the Bible than any other author from the ancient world.  The text is the same in both editions, but the hardcover also has brief commentary following each chapter, plus full-color photography throughout.  Only from Josephus do we know that the daughter of Herodias who caused the death of John the Baptist was named Salome, or how James the Just, first bishop of the church, died in Jerusalem.


"Dr. Maier is an authority on Josephus and on first-century Christianity ... I am delighted to welcome this abridged edition and commend it warmly." -- F.F. Bruce

"At last, a readable Josephus ... a wealth of background material" -- The Biblical Evangelist

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