Christianity — The First Three Centuries (DVD)


(Two DVD disks, a four-hour, eight segment seminar).  How could a tiny, tormented faith become the most successful phenomenon in all of history?  During its first three hundred years from Christ to Constantine, the Christian church had to wage a two-front battle against external persecution and internal heresy until it finally conquered the Roman Empire itself - and the future.  In this series, Dr. Maier shows and tells the riveting account of how it all happened, as "the blood of the martyrs" became indeed "the seed of the church." 


· Session 1—Sources of Information

· Session 2—Jesus of Nazareth—What Else do we Know?

· Session 3—Apostles and Emperors

· Session 4—Persecutions and Bishops

· Session 5—Defenders of the Faith

· Session 6—Martyrs for the Faith

· Session 7—Torments of the Third Century

· Session 8—The Great Deliverance — Audio / Video Recordings