More than a Skeleton


(Thomas Nelson Publishers, pp. xvi + 336, softcover).  This novel has the same cast of characters as A Skeleton in God's Closet but an entirely different plot that many find even more suspenseful and riveting.  What if Jesus Christ returned in an interim appearance before His final coming?  And in a manner least expected?  Or was the miracle-working genius really Jesus?  Once again, Harvard professor Jonathan Weber, "the man who saved Christianity," must determine the truth at all costs - for the sake of civilization itself.


"...a wonderful rarity that combines a gripping, fascinating tale with sound, traditional Christian theology"

- Raymond Keating in Newsday

"...a direct challenge to the Left Behind series."

--The Arizona Republic

"...a gripping mystery.  Move over, Father Andrew Greeley."

-- Newspaper Enterprise Association ó Fiction

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